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Hello! I'm Wendy Shepherd, an entrepreneur who has developed dozens of successful websites over the last 24 years (since about 1997). Experience includes a background in digital graphics, website design, online publicity, social media management, marketing, online publishing and more. I work with well-known entertainment talent and films, run a number of high-profile marketing campaigns and has been titled as an associate producer on a couple of film production projects. I also write for several media outlets including my own two Movie Vine & Entertainment Vine and additional outlets include TV Overmind and more.

My websites have been covered and I’ve been interviewed / published in many different media outlets; online websites (Digital Journal, Blasting News, VoyageLA, Blast Magazine), radio, newspapers (including The Emmitsburg Dispatch), books (including The Online Millionaire) and magazines such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Weekly, Revenue Magazine (pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4), with recent mentions in Variety and Yahoo News.

I work with high profile clients in the entertainment industry and beyond; including actors, musicians, directors, producers through my Studio Matrix website where I offer brand management and publicity. I’ve also been attached to a couple of films as an associate producer. I have over 50 credits on IMDb.

This website is currently being updated as of October 15, 2021. Check back soon for the new blog and updated news!

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